The end-to-end Transportation Damage Management System

Ship It Pro helps shippers, receivers, carriers, insurers, industry associations, packaging engineers and government agencies make better decisions using a single API and dashboard to reduce cargo damage and freight claims.

We are now live on the SmartEngine Platform! Please see our offering below:


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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Use your own data to reduce the headaches of freight claims by implementing best-in-class practices and AI tested load patterns.

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Expertise to Ensure Success

Ship It Pro uses state of the art technology and top of market datasets. Our team of technologists, data scientists, and load securement experts make your cargo their priority.


Prevent Cargo Damage with Better Data

Data trained AI modeled simulations determine the best loading configurations to safely secure your freight for damage free delivery. We ingest your data and enrich it with more than 600 billion data points to bring unique solutions to your organization's unique challenges.

Integrate Ship It Pro anywhere you ship cargo to unify and future-proof cargo decisioning.

Manually created load plans decrease accuracy and leave your company open to damage of product, property, and people. We solve this successfully with our system by simulating lanes thousands of times to determine which patterns performed best.

Automatic decisioning powered by an advanced configuration and modeling engine.

Easy to understand visualization and step-by-step instructions makes our Transportation Damage Management System field friendly and device agnostic.

Ship It Pro is the centralized system for all of your load securement compliance and analytics needs.

Our dashboards offer an integrated system, centralizing freight claim documentation, alerts, and reporting. Shippers and receivers love the level of transparency we bring to the shipping process. We know we cannot reduce all risk and cargo damage. When it does occur, rest easy that our Transportation Damage Management System makes documentation and filing a breeze while providing actionable insights to prevent future damage.

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Ship It Pro makes it easy for companies to quickly and safely integrate best practices and proven loading patterns by automating the vast majority of decisions, mitigating cargo damage caused by incorrect loading, and reducing the burden of back office freight claims and manual review queues.

50% reduction in fraudulent account openings

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30% increase in application to account conversion

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95% reduction in manual review applications

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Our partners are data focused organizations, including insurance, logistics, supply chain, Fintech, packaging engineers, universities, and government.

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